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Stories are Like a Drop of Love

If you've ever heard, "I am Sheri Quinn; and this is Suzi Montgomery" we are SQ Media– two women with science backgrounds who love audio storytelling and its potential to make the world a more just and interesting place. We have had our hands in many projects since the turn of the century.


Most of our work highlights science, bringing awareness to social and environmental issues, and shedding a refreshing light on the scientists across the world whose creativity and curiosity make entertaining stories.


Science IS our entertainment! Still, we go where ever our hearts take us, sometimes into classrooms to work with youth; and lately to cover Covid-19 with Temple Grandin and the fate of our world's turtles with Craig Stanford. This January 2022, we finished a three-act piece on the North of Ireland, covering the present turmoil since Brexit and taking a look how that relates to the U.S. as well as the past and the future of Ireland on whole.  

Enjoy the variety, and thanks for listening!

past and present include:

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Past and Present include:

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Holly and Dr. Lynn Webster 




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