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Image by Sara Cottle
Temple Grandin Horse.jpg

Sheri sits down with Ms. Grandin at her home in Fort Collins, Colorado with Grandin's close friend, artist Rosalie Winard. Ms. Grandin explains how she thinks in pictures. That unique ability is how she has changed the beef industry and the way we look autism. Listen to this deeply personal profile of Temple Grandin. 

Avalanche 1.jpg

Who by Avalanche (KUER News)

Stationed in Salt Lake City means you don’t get through a winter without hearing the word, “avalanche!” SQ heads out to the slopes to talk to ski host Mike O’Malley, and mountain rescuers about their day-to-day as the managers of these mountain peaks.


Nemo Attack

Worm biologist Dr. Aude Peden shares her vast knowledge, research and even her personal experiences with worms through stories from her youth in Africa. And, at one point in the interview she drops this: “No matter what you do, you’ve got to remember that sometimes God sends a worm.”  There you have it.

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