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Stories are Like a Drop of Love

If you've ever heard, "I am Sheri Quinn; and this is Suzi Montgomery" we are SQ Media- two women with science backgrounds who love audio storytelling and its potential to make the world a more just and interesting place. We have had our hands in many projects since 1999.


Most of our work highlights science, bringing awareness to social and environmental issues, and shedding a refreshing light on the scientists across the world whose creativity and curiosity make entertaining stories.


Science IS our entertainment! Still, we go where ever our hearts take us, sometimes into classrooms to work with teens; and lately to cover Covid-19 with Temple Grandin, and the fate of our world's turtles. We are currently working on a piece about Northern Ireland


Enjoy the variety, and thanks for listening!

our team

Sheri Quinn Gibbs is a journalist in the public radio arena and is the founder of the statewide science radio show SQ Radio, and KIAN (the first science show on community radio in Salt Lake City). Her reporting has taken her across the United States and to the deep jungle of Paraguay, where she learned to appreciate eating bugs and living off the grid.

​After a stint as a reporter and news director on the Lost Coast in rural redwood country, Mrs. Gibbs is back in SLC producing radio and teaching youth storytelling through the medium of podcasting. Salt Lakers often spot her frequenting cafes and trails with her Great Pyrenees.

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Suzanne Montgomery is a noted media arts educator in Utah. She founded the youth podcast program SQuid. She has developed curriculum for numerous educational institutions and facilities including the University of Utah, Brigham Young University, Spy Hop, Higher Ground Learning, where she was director for many years, and multiple K-12 schools. She mentors teachers and youth in the technology and art of film making and radio/podcast. She is currently producing a series of podcasts with incarcerated youth. 

​She has a beloved beagle named Pyle that she rescued while SQ was on an assignment in West Virginia, documenting the impacts of fracking on the communities and families.

our productions


SQ Radio opens doors that are typically locked. We interview scientists, engineers, filmmakers...people with an important story to tell. We also seek out novel education programs and have conversations with artists and authors. 


Working with teachers and students to produce podcasts that air on local radio stations continues to be one of our favorite programs. If you work with youth and are looking for ways to personalize learning or for pathways to civic engagement, check out our youth-produced podcast series and contact us for tips, curriculum and workshops.


past and present include:


Advancing media literacy education through media arts curriculum, the institute offers teacher professional development, K-College and youth advocacy projects that address environmental issues, promote social justice, and encourage civic engagement. They focus on filmmaking and podcasting, either facilitating or helping teachers facilitate short, subject-related media pieces that motivate students and deepen learning. This process of learning these media literacy skills is media education, and the institute serves as a media literacy resource.

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Past and Present include:

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Holly and Dr. Lynn Webster 


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