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Broken Trunk




Vanishing Ice


Lonnie Thompson is a climate science pioneer. He has led dangerous high altitude expeditions across the world to drill ice core samples from glaciers and ice sheets. He and his colleagues have collected more than 4 miles of ice samples that span thousands of years. They are stored at Ohio State University, where Thompson has worked a Distinguished Professor in Earth Sciences. Find out how this environmental hero used sheer determination, muscle, mules, and low- tech equipment to preserve the earth's frozen history. 

Paleoclimatologist Lonnie Thompson and SuziQ


In The Shadow Of Corrupción

The Aché of eastern Paraguay thrived as hunter gatherers in the Atlantic rainforest until Paraguayans and other outsiders invaded their ancestral homelands and forced them to live a western lifestyle. They fought back. This is Part I of their story to hold on to their rights. 


Hydrofracking 101

SQ goes on the road through Ohio and into Bethany, West Virginia and talks to locals to document the effects of the boom in hydraulic fracking, known best as fracking, burrowing into shale for hard to reach pockets of natural gas. Let’s just say our eyebrows were raised.



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