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SQ Radio started in 2009. Our first show was launched at Utah Public Radio and featured Elon Musk and his aerospace achievements and goals. Covering climate change research, wildlife studies, medicine, genetics, rocketry, social justice and education has always been our priority. 


Ireland: A Revolving Story


It all started when Suzi showed up to Paul Callaghan’s place in Chicago with some recording equipment.  He had contacted her regarding these stories he had written about his boyhood during the 70s and 80s during the Troubles in the North of Ireland.  It was exceptional, and she had never heard of nor read anything like this. It was obvious that this musician with an Irish accent and storytelling talent needed to be recorded.


His stories not only lead us down a path into Ireland’s past full of conflict, but also shed light on the turmoil going on in the north of Ireland today, where in the aftermath of Brexit, the island’s future is very much up in the air.  

In Act I we introduce you to the current struggle in Ireland caused by Great Britain’s departure from the European Union. In ACT II, we take

you into the past, into what was called the Troubles, a violent conflict that lasted 30 years, and leads up to the unrest today.  Trouble has again erupted and the issue at core is reminiscent of a history of a divided island. By Act III you understand the stakes and are now able to understand the dilemma– is Ireland going to unify, should it and what will be the cost either way?


Through story, a history lesson, and current events reporting, we hope to awaken something in you. Enjoy!

'Ireland: A revolving Story' is a fine and timely examination of a border dispute that directly concerns the United States and which led Nancy Pelosi to address a European parliament, and will also figure in President Biden's presidency and re-election campaign. It isn't between Russia and Ukraine, it's between Great Britain and Ireland. The United States and the European Union are co-signatories to the 1998 peace deal, the Good Friday Agreement, which ended 30 years of conflict, and are so written into political developments that infringe on that historic settlement. 


~ Jim Cusack, former Irish Times Security Editor (02/02/2022)   

I just listened to the first episode and am very impressed.  I have never heard anything more professional or engaging.  Absolutely wonderful.  I love the storytelling with the music and touch of humanity throughout.. Your voice is perfect. The information is scholarly but not pedantic. Great balance. Lovely. Congratulations!

 ~ Lynn Webster (01/21/22)             

I am full sure you have pulled off the impossible... this will give those who don't understand what has gone down here a good understanding of what has. Wonderful from you.


 ~  Martin McAllister (02/06/2022)     

Ireland: A Revolving Story - ACT I
00:00 / 27:13
Ireland: A Revolving Story - ACT II
00:00 / 39:42
Ireland: A Revolving Story - ACT III
00:00 / 23:08

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Temple Grandin Talks Covid-19 


Temple Grandin discusses research and what happened in the meat-packing facilities and food supply chain. She offers solutions to some of the major infrastructure problems caused by the pandemic with her famous way of visual thinking. 

A couple of websites where you can learn more about Dr. Grandin and her research

Photo Courtesy of Rosalie Winard

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The October Revolution In Lebanon
A Former Druze Commander's Perspective


Ramsey Farrage was just a kid in the Lebanese mountains when civil war broke out in 1975. He grew up quickly and turned into a trained soldier and leader, protecting his entire region in Druze territory near Beirut. After fighting for nearly 15 years, Farrage moved his young family to the United States. He still has strong ties to Lebanon and from the Mountain West city of Salt Lake, Farrage describes the making of the October Revolution in this half-hour feature.

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Turtles On The Brink Of Extinction - Their Fate Is In Our Hands


A team of 51 scientists have sounded a an alarm. They've announced the eminent extinction of many of the world's turtles in the Journal Current Biology, June 22, 2020. Craig Stanford, lead author of the study talks about the major culprits leading to testudines' demise, and what we can do to help save them. 

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