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Above Earth

Knowledge in a Nutshell hosted by Sheri Quinn was the first community science radio show in Utah. It launched in 1999. 


Quinn edited the first show on big tape reels inside a rickety makeshift studio the size of phone booths (when they still existed) at KRCL. It was a U of U talk by anthropologist Sarah Hrdy, about her book Mother Nature, recorded on cassette tape. Luckily, digital editing arrived just in time for the rest of the shows. 

Rocket science, genetics, evolutionary biology, famous physicists at parties, monk life in the Utah mountains, were popular topics. 



Knowledge In A Nutshell


How It All Got Started

how it all got started

Kip Thorne.jpg
Neon Spheres

The Mystery Of Black Holes 

Nobel Laureate and theoretical physicist Kip Thorne discusses his discoveries. 

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